VMobile Technologies Inc
VMobile Features:
  • Simple SMS Commands
  • AFFORDABLE Startup Capital (as low as P250)
  • Virtual Prepaid Cards Inventory (Earth-friendly)
  • More than 300 prepaid products and services
  • Web Tools and Web Reports
  • Online Loading (for Local / International Operation)
  • SMS-Triggered Bank Auto Debit for Convenient eWallet Replenishment
  • Instantly register other Retailers via SMS
  • World's FIRST Over-The-Air (OTA) Reloading of RFID Card (AXS) for MRT Electronic Stored -Value Card

  1. Prepaid Loads are easier to spend on unlike other items.
  2. Prepaid Load is HIGHLY CONSUMABLE.  Prepaid Load is a NECESSITY. 95% of cellphone users are on PREPAID. Filipinos send 800 million to 1 billion text messages DAILY. (Branded as "Texting Capital of the World"). Just put up a "LOADING STATION" banner outside your house and customers will walk to you. SO, Our TARGET MARKET are all people who are using:
  • Mobile Phone
          a) Prepaid Cellphone Load (Globe, Smart, Sun, TNT, Red)
  • Internet
          b) Prepaid Internet Load (Blast, ISP Bonanza, etc.)
          c) Prepaid Broadband Load (Smart Bro)
          d) Online Games (Amped Games, Garena, Level Up Games, Mobius Online, etc.)
  • Telephone
          e)Prepaid Landline Load (Bayantel, Globelines, PLDT, etc.)
  • Television
          f) Prepaid Satellite / Cable TV      (ABS-CBN TFC, Dream Satellite, Sky Cable)
  • Tutorial
          g) Prepaid Tutorial / Review Cards   (Carl Balita, Englishlink, Prime Logic, etc.)
  • Deliveries at your Door Steps
          h)  Cakes and Flowers thru LBC
  • Prepaid Load for MRT
          i) AXS Card ( No hassle on riding MRT)
    3. No need for physical inventory cause VMobile has a system that helps you do automatic inventory online so this website list all your transactions.
    4.We have our own Data Center– this means that we are capable of making transactions faster and more efficient.

Very Small Capital to start.
    6. Can be a means to have your extra income without sacrificing your current job.
    7. We are very much willing to assist you within our capacity in this loading business
With your Existing Sim, you can start right away for all your prepaid needs.
    9. Earn up to 12% discount on load if your a Retailer.
   10. Earn up to 14% discount on load if you are Dealer.

  • VMobile Technologies Inc. was establish on April 2008 as a subsidiary of PentaCapital Management corporation
  • PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing, especially for BOT/BLT projects, real estate, leisure and infrastructure projects. PentaCapital received its license from BSP in 2006 to engage in trust, fiduciary and investment management services.
  • PentaCapital finances BIG Companies in the Philippines such as San Miguel Corporation, Summit Media,ABS-CBN, Shell, Cebu Pacific, Robinson's Bank, Seven Eleven, etc.

VMobile Technologies Inc.


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